Welcome to my little blog, Crunchy, with a Hint of Mint. Although it may sound like a food blog, and indeed I can see at least 50% of what I write about being stuff I cook, the title of the blog is actually how I think of myself. I can be glum in my outlook and blunt in my observations, but I’ve been told by some who survive the initial shock of my personality, that they find me refreshing because I am genuine. So, I will write about things that are on my mind. I have only two rules which I will use to guide myself.

The first is to be honest. This may sound obvious, but this simple goal means I have to not dodge hard topics or shy away from doing them justice even if they are commonly misunderstood or make people uncomfortable. This is hard for me because with age I have developed a deep aversion to arguing. I have spent so much of my life surrounded by and sucked into stupid ass fights that I find myself smiling and nodding my way through life these days.

I guess the second is to pay homage to my training as an instructional designer and make sure that any content I create will be clear to my goal and message and not waste your time with endless, off topic dialogue. We are all busy and read amature content for a variety of reasons, but utility is usually at least a part of our motivation. If I can entertain you with a giggle here or there, I will, but my real hope is you get what you need with out feeling like you just survived the Bataan Death March.

A note on grammatical errors: I will usually write when I am watching my little terror or in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Mistakes are going to happen. Please feel free to point them out so I can correct them, but I respectfully request that you avoid flaming me. Thanks!

~ Crunchy