So, what’s this section of my blog all about? L.ord, it can be anything. Seriously. You see, I can’t sleep and the spousal unit got tired of me waking him up at 4am with brainstorms on all of life’s big, philosophical questions, or like, whether we were supposed to do Gymboree tomorrow or Sunday? And then more contemplation on life’s big, philosophical questions.

“Start a blog!” He moaned. “God, I’ve told you that so many times. Just start a blog.”

“No…” I punt. “No one cares what I think. Plus, I have gotten into some serious knife fights on facebook. Why would I want to invite more of that into my life?”

He rubs his eyes, wonders why he couldn’t have just found a nice airhead to marry. They’re 4am musings are less long-winded, he bets. I can hear the process server knocking at my door tomorrow with divorce papers.

“Ok, I’ll start a blog.” I pout.

“Good.” He pats my knee as he drifts back to sleep. “It’ll be fi…” ZzzzZZZzzzz.