Perfect BLT

The perfect BLT: Bacon loves tomato

I don’t know what it is about a BLT that just screams perfection, but they can do. You see it on the menu or realize you have some tomato in your veggie drawer about to go to wasted veggie heaven so you think BLT…. and it’s super lackluster. The promise of simple greatness is there, your current sandwich stinks though. Like all simple dishes, it comes down to ingredients and prep. Let me show you the way; bacon loves tomato.

Perfect BLT


  • Onion hamburger buns or onion deli rolls – the fatter and fluffier, the better
  • Thick cut bacon – if a package has more than 9 slices, its false advertising
  • Ripe beefsteak tomatoes – squishy and ready to explode from the farmers market is best
  • Leafy green lettuce – Iceberg is watery and flavorless, so use it only if you can’t get romaine or any other dark green, leafy lettuce
  • Mayo or miracle whip


  • Either pan-fry or bake your bacon to about 155 – 160 degrees. Let rest.
    Note: Generally there are instructions on the package if you want to bake and I follow those, but reduce the time by a minute or two. You NEVER cook bacon to a full 165 degrees because it continues to cook through its internal heat and will ruin the flavor and texture. 
  • Slice your tomato to resemble a hamburger patty; thick and juicy. Dust each slice with salt and pepper. Tomato loves salt and soaks it up, so be liberal.
  • Rinse and tear your lettuce in large, ragged chunks.
  • Lightly toast the buns, face down to get a little texture to absorb the mayo.
  • Add mayo liberally to top and bottom bun. If it oozes out a little with each bite, that’s about right.
  • Layer bottom bun with lettuce, bacon, tomato, then top bun.

What stuff should I not add to my BLT?

  • cheese
  • avocado
  • mustard, ketchup, or hot sauce (ewww…)
  • fried egg or egg salad
  • tuna or chicken salad
  • deli meat

Look, I appreciate the desire to garnish. I have made my BLT with many of these things and realized I now have an egg  salad sandwich with bacon. Or a turkey club. If you start adding the stuff listed above, it’s not a BLT. You’ll be missing the point.

Serve with pickles and the usual picnic lunch sides. While chewing, raise hand in whatever hail Mary, peace and love, praise Jesus, party on, or namaste salute you feel is appropriate as your BLT craving is thus satisfied.

~Nom On

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